Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner has been regarded as one of the best vacuums for decades.  It uses a bagless cleaning system that traps dirt and dust into a water basin instead of emptying it onto your floor.  By using a water filtration system, it also sanitizes and freshens the air throughout your entire house.  Not only does the Rainbow Vacuum clean your carpets, floors and other surfaces, it keeps your family in good health as well; it helps protect against dander, allergens and asthma attacks.

Tests have confirmed that Rainbow Vacuum cleaners remove more dirt and dust from your carpets than the leading, high-end vacuums on the market today.  The power nozzle’s height can be adjusted to reach crevices in your carpet or simply sweet hardwood floors.  Although you may find the competition to be more affordable, the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner will last a lifetime while those others will only last a short while.

In most cases Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are distributed through private business owners, who offer incentive programs to encourage you to tell your friends and family about the benefits of owning one themselves.  Parts can be obtained through many hometown vacuum stores or through various Internet retailers.